The God of Small Things –

This is the first time I write a review, and I will keep it short because I want to be off rereading it again and again.

Yes, it is a story that I like rereading many times over.

It lures me in. Hypnotizes with dark drownable eyesan arm guiding me into a story, gently (Velutha’s perhaps?). Leads me into the dark shadowy world and pausing every so often to allow you to take in the surrounding, and in I go towards the House of History, where the Heart of Darkness pulses. Dum-dum

It tells of a story, a simple one really, of how History teaches a lesson. It tells us what happens to those who dares take the boat Rahel and Estha found and cross over to the other side of the bank. To those who transgress to the unknown, and tempered with the Love Laws that lay down who should be loved, and how. And how much.

It asks a simple question: “Can a few dozen hours affect the outcome of whole lifetimes? Or what happens is merely History trying to teach a lesson? And what happened during those hours are merely accumulations from centuries and centuries ahead?”

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