Thy smile

Because you smile like the world has been nothing but kind to you.

Because you smile like you have never been hurt, though you must have had.

Because when you smile I can still see the five-year-old that you were. 

Because you still believe you deserve the best, even though you  have doubted yourself.

Because you still smile.

Because I am a shallow person, most of the times I fall with my eyes. 

They may be jerks, they may be assholes, they may be saints, they may be just normal. 

They may not have perfect manners, they may not have perfect hair, or perfect outfits nor matching shoes, or perfect paychecks, or perfect manners.

They may not be drop dead gorgeous, they may not be supermodels. 

But they have that same way of smiling, a non-perfect kind of smile, that I can’t take my eyes off. 

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