Today I would like to share with you something magic. It’s a story where you can either brush it off as a coincidence or you can see and feel the magic.

For those who doesn’t know who is Boxie or know the existence of, please go and have a look at the website. It is about a journey of a woman around America to look for Boxie (that is what it says in her website). The real story is that this lady goes around the US, listen to people’s stories and turn these stories into a line on a Tshirt. And gives the Tshirt. In one of the numerous stories, she mentioned about a trick that she know of, that worked like magic.

You whisper these words ‘Let me see some magic‘, and repeat it and repeat it. Something magic will happen due to the fairy dusts that are sprinkled on you while you chant those words.

I tried it a few times for about a week after reading her post. I whispered it a few times whenever I remember it. But since nothing magical happened, I thought “well maybe something magical already did happen, countering some disasters that make our days normal.”

On Tuesday evening, I met an Italian guy who goes around doing performances on magic tricks, and he happened to take a detour to Singapore after a performance in Bali, Indonesia. When I messaged  him (on Couchsurfing), I was just thinking: Cool, I get to see some magic tricks! So I went and met him in Clark Quay – to watch the Italy vs Uruguay match. And of course, magic tricks – which by the way never fails to amaze me. Maybe I will always be fooled by card tricks but who cares, I love it.

It wasn’t until I got back home and was in the shower that it hit me. “show me some magic”. oh my god. Is this the magic working?

I started laughing like a loon in the shower (luckily no one is home at the moment). Thank you! This is so literal!

His flight back to Italy was on Thursday morning so I met him again on Wednesday evening for dinner and then have a short walk around the area near his hotel before he let for the airport.

One last magic trick in Singapore – I pick a card look at it, put it back to the deck, shuffle, he shows me the card. He asked me to sign the card before putting it back to the deck, and i thought maybe he’s going to make the signature appear in another card or something. But no, all he did was finding that card, and putting his signature on the same card.

And gave it to me.


last card trick in Singapore


Don’t know if I picked this card completely by chance or he made sure I picked this one. Them italians. 

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