What is the purpose of learning Algebra? We won’t need it in real life!

It annoys me to no end when I see/hear people saying this.

Do people really expect civilization to come to this stage just by doing simple additions and subtractions? I’m not even good at engineering, but I appreciate the importance of algebra. Algebra is like the basics of all things. It’s the necessity in all sciences. 

And if you think science is gross and would not want anything to do with this icky-nerdy-thing called science: then throw away your smartphone, get off the internet, get rid of your computer. Get rid of your car. Don’t travel in airplanes or trains. Don’t make a phone call. Don’t use the refrigerator. Don’t use the oven. Build a fire in your backyard. Don’t use electricity. 

I’m not saying that everyone should be complete science nerds, and love science and mathematics. But please, don’t say that you won’t need it! Yes, you won’t need it directly to buy a meal or interact with people. But please see how important it is. 

And please don’t dismiss it as useless. If you dismissed it, then you will never learn it. Then you will never know if you might be brilliant at it. 

2 thoughts on “What is the purpose of learning Algebra? We won’t need it in real life!

  1. I just hate math. i am sooo bad with numbers but you are right. Without the binary system there would be no computers. People do not see the importance of algebra and science in the everyday stuff which make life convenient.

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