a short excerpt, a first attempt

She turns to face him after a long silence. 

One day one of us will get tired of this. Me visiting you once or twice a year. You sneaking off to meet me behind your wife’s back. 

One of us will break this off. I’m not your whole life, she is. I’m merely stolen moments. 

And when that happens, it will break my heart. And it will break yours. 

Then she kisses him. She kisses him with all the words and tears she had and will have. She kisses him until all that might have been and all that will be have come to pass in that moment. So that she need not say what she couldn’t. 

He breathes her name, and strokes her cheek. Just like he always did. And just like that she crumbles, though she smiles. In his eyes are the reflection of the starry sky behind her. 

But let’s not worry about the future first. It will come soon enough. Right now, I am here and you are here. And I love you with all that I am being here. Let us just be in this moment. It’s just us in this world. 

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