Long-time-no-see Penang

Georgetown Festival is in August this year, and I will be in Penang! Woohoo! Why does it always seem like I haven’t been in Penang for years and years already, when it’s only 2 years that I did not spend August in Penang. How strange this time thing operates. This past two years have been like a century for me. So many changes!

The link for Georgetown Festivals (http://georgetownfestival.com/), and it seems there are many interesting events! Especially this one “Rhythmic Space: A pause for Breath”. It’s a performance by two Korean musicians playing on traditional Korean instruments. The description of the performance: Lyrical and reflective passages grow into flurrying swirls of sound, form insistent rhythmic patterns evoking the breathless pace of urban living, and return to the inner space to pause and breathe again.

A fresh and different flavor from the modern music that we have been exposed to. A transport back to a time where we are free form the buzzing and ramblings and churning.  

Due to the fact that there has been some political unrest in Thailand, and that the Thai Army declaring martial law, and that my parents fear for my safety, the Chiang Mai trip might be going down the drain – Plane tickets, and Elephant haven booking fees and all. Was really looking forward to visiting Elephant Haven though :/ But who knows, maybe the Thais will be able to solve this issue (in two months?).

Anyways, one more trip has been added in between –> Taipei!! I’ll be there for the second week of July. There are no plans yet, still having a look see at the places in Taipei. My colleagues who have been to Taiwan numerous times have lots of suggestions as to where to go, and all so interesting! 

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