Becoming a cynic

I realized I’m on my way to becoming a broom-brandishing, easily irritated (ok, that I already am), bitter old woman who has no love for the world.

Today I went with my friend to this Buddhism talk by this Buddhist society thing. Before this I’ve already had strong opinions regarding these sort of organizations, but never been to such events. So today, I accompanied her as she accidentally accepted an invitation she couldn’t refused.

While listening to them speak, all I can think about is “Oh man, what, do we live in lala-land where people poop marshmallows, pee honey and fart perfume?! Cheesus Christ.”

Then I snapped out of it, and wondered why did I get so irritated by this. Maybe I’m actually devil incarnation so religious talks burns .my ears.

I’m a nice person, I swear!! Happy Wesak Day, everyone 😀

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