Zumba – the new Yoga

Last Saturday evening, my friend and I went to a Zumba party! It was the first ever time I tried Zumba. Although she has been asking me if I wanted to go to this party for months now, due to my short attention span I never gave her an answer, and yet she kept asking!

And thank goodness for her patience and persistence with me, indeed! It was completely awesome, and made me think about starting to take the lessons. Of course I was like a penguin-flamingo-cross there just flapping my wings and waddling about with my webbed feet XD

But at some point my mind became blank and I felt myself becoming part of the music. The beats, my body. Is this what people have been talking about? Nevertheless, that euphoric feeling, although only short bursts of nanoseconds, has already intoxicated me, leaving me wanting for more and more. Is this what addicts feel like? It did for me what yoga did not.

Being born with two very large left feet and way-too-long arms, I have also envied those who have the perfect bodies, with perfect coordination and confidence, swaying to the music like they belong to the world. A girl who was standing in front of me had the best body I’ve ever seen and absolutely killer moves – the sexiest girl I ever saw. And she was wearing only a shirt and shorts, and sport shoes. And although we are in Singapore, I think there were probably only a few local Singaporeans there, and two Malaysians (my friend and I). The majority are Philippines, and others from various parts of the world. I don’t know why Philippines are such good dancers, but they just are. Maybe there is a little Spanish in them from the Spanish settlements centuries ago. 

And so, this is the ugly duckling looking at the majestic swans.

I got only two pictures from the whole event:



group photo of everyone!


my friend and I, with her Zumba instructor on the left 



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