The very first part time experience ever

Last weekend, I worked as a part time waitress. It was my very first time working in such a setting. It’s not that my parents are extremely well off, but money was never an issue for us. And because I’ve never been a big spender anyways.

So the reason for taking up this part time job is to fund my Chiang Mai trip this coming August, and I did not want to take a cent from my parents’ hard-earned money. And besides that, if I ever want to fulfill one of my plans to work and travel in Australia and New Zealand (by 30!!), the easiest job to get should be waitress-ing so I can finally put “experienced” in my waitress-ing resume. 

The place where I waitress at is called The Tanglin Club, and it has three restaurants. The restaurant where I work at is the Wheelhouse. The Tanglin Club is a fancy-ass Country Club where the rich (and famous?) goes there to dine and to mingle with people their own class and status. The thing that my manager keeps emphasizing is: what sets the Tanglin Club apart is the fact that only those who has a membership is allowed to go inside. And everyone has to be evaluated before being accepted as a member. Anyways, I think he was assuring that there won’t be badass customers such as mafia boss or drug dealers (or corrupt politicians?). However, to be able to meet a mafia boss in real life, in such a setting would be quite interesting I must say. And apparently, the President of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong is also a member of the club and goes there once a month on Sundays for lunch! (No, unfortunately it wasn’t last weekend)

Working there itself is quite a fun activity. I don’t feel like it is work at all, except that my feet hurts because of the miscorrelation between my foot shape and the shape of normal shoes. It matters not the brand of the shoe (It was a Scholl), what matters is that I can only wear Sneakers and slippers. Any other shoe types basically cause me a lot of pain if I wear it standing or walking for more than a few hours. Therefore I went to buy a pair of cotton flats to replace those formal-looking-but-pain-causing shoes. On Sunday when I limped to the changing room and took off my shoes, my colleague looked at my plastered foot in pity. I wonder how she can work in her shoes (it looks similar to mine) for more than 12 hours. Mine is the breakfast and morning shift, while hers is a full day shift. So I work only from 9am to 3pm, whereas she works from 9am to 10:30pm. My goodness.

The customers are generally polite and well-mannered. Some of them are just downright easygoing, whereas there are some who likes to make demands (eg. Why is my steak well-done when I ordered medium rare?) but who can blame them? They are paying a ridiculous amount for the membership privileges. However, the price of the food and beverages is not actually appallingly expensive as I would have expected. I bet it’s the membership fees that are sky-high and mind-blowing.

Being a girl, there are many advantages in such settings. For example, I’m not expected to carry the heavy stuff (every time I’m about to try, one of the guys would say to me: No no, you’re gonna hurt your back. I’ll do it when I’m done with what I’m doing!). And of course, the guests are also nicer and gentler with girls. So my job for the first two days involves clearing the tables, setting the tables, getting the menus, talking to the customers (some do like to chat), smiling and being nice to them, pouring water, getting the bill, paying attention to the customers when the other people are too busy (it’s a psychology thing you have to admit, you feel better when one of the waiter/waitress response to you, even if the service is still equally slow).

Majority of the customers are foreigners from my observation of these two weekends. And majority of those majority are Europeans or Americans. And, majority of the wives of the Europeans/Americans are Singaporeans. A more thorough research regarding this observation shall be conducted discretely during these ~10 weeks of being in this environment. A report will be submitted at the end of the study, possibly 2 weeks after the end date. However, I must say the children of such unions (from what I observed) are very beautiful. I know I know beauty is not in how you look like bla bla bla, but let me be superficial for once. And to be fair to the world, we have got to be able to see beauty where it is there, both on surface and within. For both should be equally admired and appreciated, not one more than the other. 

*highlighted it as I found it rather philosophical 😉 *

To be continued…….

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