Spring comes to Regensburg

Liebe Heute, es ist Frühlingszeit! 

Dear People, It is spring time!

Not in Malaysia or Singapore, it is as summer as ever, but in the place that stole my heart ❤

It has been four months since I left Regensburg, and the flowers have bloomed, green replacing the sheet of white on the ground. Rabbits start peeping out of rabbit holes (actually the rabbits are always running around even in winter – I chased them all over the school one night). Squirrels running around. People looking brighter. Graveyards looking brighter. 

I had a friend of mine take some pictures of the University, as I never actually saw Spring in Regensburg. When I went there last year it was already summer. Each season has it’s own magic, but Spring brings a touch of youth with it. 


white of a different kind covering the branches of trees



garden in the University backyard




One day I will see you with my bare eyes, touch the flowers with my bare hands;

Some day I will be there to smell the flowers, lie on the grass,

See the butterflies fluttering by and risk getting stung by bees!

Bis dann, Regensburg

Suddenly I thought of this poem by CS Lewis:

Anon, to sudden silence won,

In fancy they pursue

The dream-child moving through a land

Of wonders wild and new,

In friendly chat with bird or beast–

And half believe it true.


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