Loading….for a job

In addition to learning a new language, I am also spending my days searching for jobs. The task of searching for a job is daunting enough, and imagine trying to look for a job with the page in a foreign language! My eyes are watering from staring at pages and pages of job description (and google translate). 

Besides that, looking at all the job descriptions, I am feeling more and more incompetent. It is like all the years of education have gone to waste. I know nothing. I am expert in nothing. How am I going to apply for this job? And more importantly, how on earth can I compete with all the other applicants who do match those job descriptions, who have managed to get something out of their education. Who are actually expert in something.

It is very tempting to just grab any job. But what job can I take? Exploring other fields? Even in those fields I am less competent compared to those who have studied in that field. How does one get a job?? It seems infinitely impossible! 

I should consider the advice of just submitting my CV to every position of every company I know the existence of. A girl told me that when she was applying for her first job, she didn’t even read the job description, just kept on submitting her CV. Sort of like a lottery system, you see. Should I? Maybe I am being too cautious and detailed. I read every.single.line of the job description. And take serious consideration to every line of it. I even differentiate between words like “Expert in…”, “experienced in…”, and obviously every line that includes “Expert in..” makes my knees buckle and reduce my confidence level. And I end up not applying for anything because almost every job description has an “Expert in..” requirement. 

Am I taking the wrong approach in this? They tell me that obviously they have to write like that, but the companies don’t actually expect you to be expert in anything as a fresh graduate. Maybe I am taking things too seriously? This internship that I am doing now, I applied only because I felt that I match 90% of the job description — They didn’t have “Expert in..” in it. 

Also with the Japanese company I applied.


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