Elephant park Overnight stay — Booked and All Set!

Last night I have set the date to going to the Elephant nature park for an overnight visitSo excited I thought I might burst. The booking of the Elephant Park seems to make this trip a more confirmed reality (more so than the booking of the ticket — though I don’t know why!)

Unfortunately, the Elephant Park visit for a Week program was snapped up too quickly. It’s already fully booked till October (What?!), so I’m settling for an overnight visit. But oh well, that leaves me more time to see Chiang Mai city and more room for other stuff!

I’ve just browsed through workaway for volunteering in Chiang Mai, and saw quite a few of farms and hostels that let people volunteer and have free accommodation. However, because I’ve never done something like this, the old fear of strangers is stirring: How do I know if this particular family or person is not a kidnapper in disguise? How do I know this? How do I know that? etc. etc.

Should I or should I not try it? But I guess if I want to really travel I need to start learning how to trust people, and trusting my instincts, and learning how to handle situations. Of course, there’s also the possibility of playing safe and opting for couchsurfing instead!

Ah well, it is still 4 months to go. Obviously there are a few things that must be done while there, and also including Vivien’s list — She’ll be with me for the first week in Chiang Mai ^^

There’s still a lot of possibilities of having random stuff to pop up.. Which is one of the good thing of having 5 days of free time in Chiang Mai city. Can’t wait to see what might unfold! 

4 thoughts on “Elephant park Overnight stay — Booked and All Set!

    • The ticket was booked for the first two weeks of August, and well..my parents seem to have the same idea regarding the political climate of Thailand and refused to let me go.
      Where will you be going? The trip to Kuching for the third and fourth week of August is still on

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