Getting bored yet again

I’m getting bored with blogging. Again. 

But this is the first time I acknowledge this boredom, rather than finding excuses: I am too busy, I will definitely blog more if only I don’t have classes or exams to worry about.

Well, here I am, without any classes without any assignments without pending exams. Yet I get the “lazy” feeling already when I think of blogging.

I wonder how do bloggers find the persistence to keep blogging..?

Anything? Anyone?

2 thoughts on “Getting bored yet again

  1. LOL u lazy teacup piggy. Hmm… Though I guess at times I’m guilty as well and went without blogging for months before.
    But then I love to share (by writing reviews/Jap culture/experience/etc) so that sorta drives me to write (>vO)

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