What if you could glimpse the future?

I want you to think seriously about this. To go deep into this question, and not just the superficial issues. 

Aside from the “I’d know in what I’d invest if I know which industry would boom in the next years”, or “if i know which job I choose would be the best” and etc etc. 

I want you to think about it. Think about every decision you have done, and would you have chosen differently if you had known what would have happened (and has happened) when you were at that junction of your life. Think carefully about everything that has happened since then. Think about everything that might have happened if you had chosen the other choices. 

I’m sure everyone, like me, have made a lot of decisions or actions they’d really really wish they could undo. I’m sure everyone, wish there are words they can take back, actions they can reverse. I’m sure everyone wishes there is a replay button. 

What would you have told the past you, if you have the chance right now to do it? 

Would you listen to a person who claimed to be the future you now?

Would the 10 year old you be proud of the person you are now?

But keep in mind that for every diverted path, comes a different life. A different possibility.


image taken from http://seatoflife.com/

And please, be mindful what you dig up in those dusty drawers of your memory.   


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