A short post today because I’d promised myself that I will post every weekday, but today being a day to be spent debugging.

I just saw a Facebook post from one of my favourite bloggers recommending this movie: 180 Degrees South. 

It is not exactly a movie, but more of a documentary of a guy from North America (US), traveling downwards the continent. And as usual, me being the cynical sceptic I don’t always feel like watching movies other people recommend, however highly I regard a the person’s opinion. But of course, I will give it a try. Though the movie is like one of those many many stories where the traveler convinces the audience to lay down everything and go traveling. 
Of course traveling is a good experience. It teaches you that the world is not confided to all that you know. It teaches you that there are all kinds of people everywhere. But being a traveler, you learn about humanity. And then what else? 

Maybe I am being a little bit of a science snob. But it rubs me off the wrong way sometimes when the traveler says that traveling is the best way to go. Of course, they don’t say it straight out like that. But you get the message. Of course, they say that “not everyone hears the call of the road and some people prefers the non-traveling lifestyle, and that is fine.” Come on. 

Maybe I am getting annoyed at them because I want both lives. I want to travel but not all the time. But how is that possible? Maybe I envy both sets of people: the ones who can put everything down and just go; and the ones who are satisfied with the daily routines. Because I cannot be either completely. Therefore, I am struggling and being jealous at their contentedness. Hence, my bitterness? But I don’t feel bitter at all. Every time I look at pictures taken by those who traveled, those places I’d like to go people I’d like to see air I’d like to breath; I don’t feel angry or sad or any negative feeling. Instead I feel elated, and I feel like one day I will be able to do so. I might be going nuts.

Before my rambling goes out of control (remember this started off as a recommending-a-movie post), I’d stop right here and go back to debugging. Does anyone have any idea why in the world I am not able to use the “MOVX” command when it is stated specifically in the damn datasheet that it is used to move data to external memory?! Why would the engineer who wrote this code try to skip altogether the usage of MOVX? Damn it.

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