We’re late, we’re late! We’re late for a very important date!


“Where did all the time go?”

That was a direct translation of the question in Chinese. 

A better translation would be “What happened to all the time we thought we had?”. that is the meaning of the question, which happened to be the title of an old Mandarin song. 

]时间都去哪儿了                       // Where did time go?
还没好好看看你眼睛就花了      // I haven’t had the chance to look at you properly and now I couldn’t anymore 
柴米油盐半辈子                       // all the daily routines, all the daily living
转眼就只剩下满脸的皱纹了     // in a blink of an eye, all we are left with are faces full of wrinkles

The reason I brought up this topic is, One day my colleagues and I were having lunch in the company cafeteria. And one of the newer girls (she’s been here for less than a year; I’m an intern so doesn’t count), asked whether they get bored with the food there after eating at the same few places for years (the oldest has been here about 6 years). 

Then they started thinking about it, and realized that yes, when days are filled with the same daily routine – days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months into years, and before you know it, your whole life has gone by. 

Waking up in the morning, going to the bathroom barely awake;
Waking the kids up, making breakfast;
Driving the kids to school, driving to work;
Busy at work, earning a living;
Getting off work, getting the kids;
Dinner time, watching TV, spending time with the kids;
Putting the kids to bed, lying beside your husband/wife;
Birthdays, anniversaries;
Graduations, retirements;
Funerals, anniversaries;
Sitting, watching the sunset;
Wondering how you managed to pass 50 years in what seemed like a day.
Wondering how you could have missed so much time just when you forgot to pay attention



We're late, we're late! We're all late for a very important date!


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