Regensburg, City of my love <3 : Part One

As this blog is mainly about hopes and dreams, one of my dreams is to return and live in this beautiful city one day. The city which made me feel at home, and welcomed from the first. 

I remember the first weekend there, I did not know anyone. My housemates are right outside but I haven’t plucked up the courage to go introduce myself to them yet. And although I just found out that there are 4 other Malaysians there, I was still not familiar with them at the time. But I remember sitting on my bed, and thinking “I love you Regensburg, will you love me back? I want to make you my home, will you receive me?” 

A bit creepy talking to a city like that. But that I did. I don’t know if anyone else does this sort of communicating with non living entity, but I’m sure with so many people in the world, there are. Anyways, before my ramblings go out of control and start boring people again:

A trip to the countryside 20 minutes away from Regensburg City.

One of the Malaysian who was doing his Bachelor thesis attached to Infineon Technologies in Regensburg has a colleague who has a plane. I am not sure if this is a normal occurrence in Europe, but in Malaysia (or Singapore), an engineer would NEVER acquire enough wealth to even buy a jet, let alone maintain it, belong to an aviation club, afford the club member fees and etc etc. Anyways, he owns a four-seater jet, and he invited all of us to his club to take us all on a short ride on his plane, and then to a BBQ party after.

At about 3pm, he picked us up in the city with his BMW (seriously, how much does the engineers earn there?!) and off we go to the orchard/aviation club in the countryside. The scenery there is sublime. The houses in the villages outside of Regensburg city are very different than the houses in the city. The houses in the city are like the houses I see here and everywhere else, whereas the houses in the villages reminded me of the houses in fairy tales villages. Quaint, clean, tidy, with a garden outside and full of assortment of flowers and the occasional fruit trees – it was summer at the time.

After 20-30 minutes drive, we reached the place. I’d call it a private estate as inside it there are plains (for ease of flying), a cabin where people hold parties – and where there are Germans there are beers, a fruit orchard, and beyond that a small forest where the Shepard and the sheeps are walking freely). It sounds like something out of a storybook, doesn’t it?

….And here comes the jet!


blury photo courtesy of Miss XXX


In the front seat with Bernhard (the rich Engineer), at the back: CF and Fleo


Not paying attention to the path ahead! 

And a peak from above of the city that stole my heart:


Regensburg city and inside you can see the roller coaster from the Dult (one of the many festivals)



tthe countryside view



the Danube river

Unfortunately, there is no picture that has the magnificent Regensburg Cathedral in it. We’re probably all to mesmerized by the way its walls turned golden by the evening sun shinning on it. 

After that, we went to the orchard, and ate plums straight from the tree and apples that tasted like honey, avoiding the bees and ants.


And of course, drinking cold dark beer (Dunkel bier)


And trying to run while holding half a glass of beer without spilling it…



When Bernhard’s friends arrived with the food for the BBQ, it was late in the evening, and the photographer is too hungry to take any more pictures. And can you blame him? The food was amazingly delicious. 

Marinated Zucchini (which henceforth became my favourite vegetable), Bacon, pork and beef and fish marinated in the sorts of sauces I don’t even know how to pronounce, let alone spell them! And of course, beers all around! 

Everyone went back at around 10pm as it was a weekday and everyone had to work and the children had to go to school the next day. It was a very pleasant surprise that they would invite a group of students whom they’ve never met to join them in the orchard and to take them for a ride in a jet! Whoever said the Germans are aloof and unfriendly? 

The whole evening seems like a distant memory now, although it is only over 6 months ago. That is why we write I guess, to relive the moments once again. I could almost taste the juicy zucchini and the apples that taste like honey again! One day someday.


Photo credits to Fleo.




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