The Chiang Mai plan continues – Part II

Browsing through facebook this morning (yeah, yeah, while at work), I found the facebook page of a super cool hostel group called “Spicy Society” (facebook link:

They have hostel branches in Chiang Mai, Pai, Koh Tao. Their url of their website is Besides being a hostel, they also organize activities that brings the backpackers to see the city and to trips! Maybe they will have trips that takes people to hike the National parks in Chiang Mai! I’ll have to check that out..

Also, if you wish to stay longer in Chiang Mai to soak up their culture, while earning some money to cover the expenses, you can also join the volunteering program in the hostel. Granted, you have to be willing to stay there for a minimum of two weeks, and must be a willing worker and learner. Free breakfast and bed, and internet will be provided during your stay; plus staff price for ANY activities hosted by the group.

Isn’t that just so interesting? I wonder if I can work two more weeks into my schedule. Right now I have two activities that absolutely cannot be compromised: mindfulfarmers’ farm and Elephant Nature park. Hmm……

Anyways, as amazing as this hostel sounds and looks (check out the pictures!!), they only have limited number of beds. Only 8 rooms, with 3 of them being girl only dorms. The pricing is also at an amazing rate: only 220 baht a night! I’m extremely excited about this, although my excitement will have to be suppressed to not seem to suspicious. Whoever’s been so excited reading about SNR and SNDR of an ADC? Probably the inventors of ADC… but that’s beside the point.

As I have decided on going there in the beginning of August (after my graduation), I still have some time to tidy up the travel itinerary. But it’s always better to book as early as possible,no? 
Clean bathroom!

Clean Bathroom is very important!

Well, stay tuned!

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