First Kiss by Tatio Pilieva

When strangers kiss.
Watch this video. You never expect something as simple as a kiss to have such an effect on the viewer (you). But it does, strangely it does.
How do you describe it?
Not quite an explosion of fireworks, but perhaps..I don’t know, can anyone find the right word for it?

I remember when I was little, whenever there is a kiss or sex scene coming up on TV my parents will get up and turn it off for a few minutes and then turn it on again when it is over. So when I was young, I was very embarrassed whenever the word kissing pops up. To be honest, until today if I am to watch a movie with my parents and a kissing scene pops up (even if it is just a kissing scene), I will feel strangely embarrassed. Old habits die hard.

But truthfully, I really like kissing. Even though I have not had too much experience in this, I’ve find it very enjoyable. And on reflection, I think that every time I kiss someone, I sort of fall a little in love with them. Like I gave them a piece of me.
And sometimes, it is only a one time thing.
Sometimes (and I got a feeling this is something that will repeat over and over again now that I’ve decided on the direction I’m heading), it will be the first and also the last.
Sometimes, you have to live with the possibility that you will never see that person again, because people come and go. I come and go.
And I think it is part of that melancholy that makes those encounters so electrifying.
And it is due to this that I feel myself changing. Before, I’d never imagine myself doing something like that. Kissing someone you’ve only just met that day.
But then you’d think “If I don’t kiss him/her now, I might never be able to. I want to know how it feels”. Then you go for it.
Just go for it.

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