The plan, the plan, the plan

This is the tentative plan which I am going to follow when I go to Thailand. Having a Malaysian Passport, I am entitled to 30days in Thailand without a visa. Is it enough?!

We shall see.. The number of days are not exactly planned out yet though!

First stop:

Couchsurf in Chiang Mai to get to know the city more and the people. Would really, really love to go to at least one of the many National Parks in Northern Thailand. 

Time span: 3-5 days

Cost estimated: SGD 200?

Second stop:

Staying in Mindfulfarmers’ farm: learning how to plant vegetables, building mudhouses, tending the farm, learning how to meditate (the person who runs the place says it’s the most important part of the day!), learning the thai culture, learning.

The stay there costs 200 Baht for a night, and visitors are allowed to stay for as long as they want. Food and accommodation are included in the fees. 200 Baht is around 20RM, which converts to less than 10 SGD. How nice is that! I am planning to stay there for a week or so, depending on my time schedule and how I like it! Staying there for one week would take .. ~SGD 70.

More information about the place can be found in:

My coming across this webpage is complete coincidence (do you believe in that?), I was searching for a host in Chiang Mai city because of the Elephant Nature’s park thingy, and I came across the couple who run this place. The initial plan was to go directly to the park from the airport, but I thought since I am there already, might as well do some couchsurfing and get to know the people!

As it turns out, a once-over of the page and I am hooked. It wasn’t even an option to not go there. How funny everything is, don’t you think so?

Image volunteers working in the farm


Imagebreathtaking scenery

Imagea volunteer with the baby daughter of the owner!

Time span: 1 – 1.5 week(s)

Cost Estimated: SGD 70 – 150

Third stop:

Elephant Nature’s park is run by a lady named Lek. Her complete story of how she came to become the owner of this Elephant Sanctuary can be found in the website: This is one of the only few elephants’ haven that truly puts the welfare of the elephants in front of anything else. Visitors are not allowed to ride on the elephants, and elephants do not do performances, but are allowed to run free.

The cost of volunteering in this elephant park will cost 12000 Baht for a week (already mentioned in the last post). 

And the cost to volunteer in the Dog Sanctuary for a week costs 6000 Baht.

Time span: 2 weeks.

cost estimated: SGD 700 – 800

SO! Is the time enough???? Is the money enough???

Total time: 2 weeks + 1.5weeks + 5 days = 14 + 10 + 5 = 29 DAYS! 

Total cost: 800 + 150 + 200 = 1150 SGD

As can be seen from the calculation above (this sentence sounds like it came straight from my report), we can see that the number of days are insufficient as it is always better to leave a margin of 5 days in case of miscalculations and emergencies. Therefore, One of the events will have to be sacrificed and cancelled off. 

Which one?

I’ll come back to that later after some considerations. On a brighter note, that leaves me with more money to go elsewhere. As I am planning to go to Borneo to visit my beloved grandmother and aunt. Woohoo~!!

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