I have a confession to make. I have never made a resolution in my whole life. Resolution, to me up to this moment, is just to describe the quality of an optical lens.

But today, I shall make myself a promise. I will save, save, save. I will reach my targeted amount of money or more to take me to the place where I have been hearing it calling to me.

I will go to Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My neighboring country, I am ashamed to say I have only set foot on it once, and only for four days. Now, I promise to go back there. Not for holidaying, I will be volunteering in the elephant haven.

There are several programs to choose from, one of them is the weekly volunteer, which costs 12000 baht (an equivalent of RM1200 = SGD 470). Of course I would love to try to stay for as long as possible, but that would cost me SGD 940. Therefore, I decided that I could also give some love to other animals, as they also provide sanctuary for stray dogs. The cost of volunteering for the dogs is much less ~ SGD200. So there, the sum for just the volunteering would cost me more or less SGD700.

The air ticket would be about SGD200 or SGD300 if I am lucky. So it’s SGD1000 already. Which reminds me, I better act fast.

After that, I plan to visit my grandmother and aunt (whom I have not seen for more than 10 years) in Sarawak. Which would cost ~SGD200 also. 

Which brings me to a minimum sum of SGD1200. How am I ever going to manage that with a monthly internship salary of SGD1000?

Let’s have a look see:

Accomodation – SGD 450

Food – SGD 300

Miscellaneous – SGD 50 === > SGD 800

Which gives me a maximum of SGD 200, not taking into account emergency spending. So that would give me (accounting from today onward), SGD 800.

And if I take the part time waitress job in The Tanglin Club, I will earn SGD 352 a month. If I work for 3 months, that would give me SGD 1056. 

So the grand total is *drum rolls* SGD 1856! I hope that is enough! Ah~~

Let’s see if the other job interview (coming this Thursday) works out. Maybe they would offer me a salary of >SGD8 per hour. *fingers crossed*

However, the benefits of working in the Tanglin Club would be that I will have the chance to possibly meet all the big shots of every industry (maybe even the President of Singapore *gasps*). But the benefits of working in the other one would be, it is also a part of a cruise ship company which I am hoping to work on when I graduate. 

Oh, I didn’t know it is so difficult to get a job in a Cruise ship. I thought it would be easy-peasy but apparently everyone wants to work on it! I was hoping that when I graduate, I will work on a cruise ship , and be able to wake up in a different country everyday. I know working in a cruise ship would be hard work. I know there will be hardly any time for me to even go on land to do traveling. 

Oh, but to have the chance to lie on top of the deck of the ship in the late of night and stare up at the sky. To stare at a different night sky every night. Isn’t that worth all the hard work?

Ok, I’m getting off track here. Oops!!

i will be concluding my post here. Hopefully as my experience in posting increases, my ramblings would be more coherent.

What are your resolutions? Don’t be afraid to dream. Do not confine yourselves to resolutions such as exercising more, or everyday stuff. Dare to dream! Dream of the impossible.


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